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Feb 14

Written by: Diana West
Monday, February 14, 2011 4:48 AM 

Over at Ruthfully Yours, Ruth King sums up the all-important and distressing implications of the "Trojan" Brotherhood  at C-PAC:

The really disturbing news about CPAC and the ACU is not about crackpot Ron Paul winning in a straw poll or Donald Trump throwing his hair into the race.

It is the fact that Suhail Khan breezed through the proceedings and only David Horowitz denounced the Moslem Brotherhood and conference participant Suhail Khan who is on the board of the American Conservative Union.

Watch the Horowitz video.

And here at PJM is video from CPAC of Khan stating flatly that there is no Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. at PJM.

And here is a website with extensive evidence on ACU Board Member Suhail Khan’s links to the Muslim Brotherhood as a case study. It includes some excellent videos including Khan praising those Muslims who say they love death more than their adversaries love life, and stating that his father founded MSA and ISNA in the U.S. – also video of Suhail Khan accepting awards from Alamoudi and Sami Al Arian.

If the ACU supports Khan – and they do – their official position now is his: that there is no MB in the U.S. and that the DoJ Holy Land Foundation case proving that there is MB in the U.S. was somehow based on evidence that should be ignored, wrongly prosecuted and should not have been upheld in a recent judge’s opinion; that CAIR (Khan’s mother is on the board of the SF-CAIR chapter), ISNA etc are all just non-profits.

Khan is pushing for willful blindness about the MB, which will lead to recognition of the MB, and the rest of the ACU is standing by his position. (Italics added.)

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