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Apr 18

Written by: Diana West
Monday, April 18, 2011 4:44 AM 

For some years now, there have been a few voices sounding the alarm on "Muslim outreach" -- the intensive engagement the US government entered into post 9/11 with a rogue's gallery of Imam Flim Flams and Muslim taqiyya artists that has subverted our nation's response to jihad, violent and stealthy, to spread the rule of Islam.

One of the most salient voices sounding this alarm has been that of Stephen Coughlin, now a Team B II colleague, who, as the senior military staff's sole expert on Islamic threat doctrine (jihad), was unceremoniously dropped by the Pentagon back in 2008 when his now-famous jihad brief came to the attention of one Hesham Islam, senior aide to Gordon England, Undersecretary of Defense in the Bush administration. (More on Coughlin's case and Hesham Islam to be found here.)

One of Coughlin's key insights is that in relying on "Muslim outreach" for our interpretations of jihad and other Islamic doctrine, we have in effect "outsourced" our understanding of the enemy and his threat doctrine. This process has created a series of interlocking No Go Zones of the Mind, fortified mental regions we have barred ourselves from entering lest we follow the logic of fact and observation to conclude that the basic tenets of Islam are dangerous to liberty as we have known it.

While this sounds theorectical, it is not. Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been waged by strategists who scrupulously avoid these same mental No Go Zones when sending troops to fight and to "nation-build." This has had and continues to have tragic --  and, I would argue, criminally irresponsible -- results measured in an incalculable loss of life and limbs. One notorious example of the human cost of the mindset reinforced by Muslim-outreach-apologetics is the attack on Ft. Hood by Nidal Hassan. Hassan's own version of a jihad brief, a call to violent jihad (grounded in traditonal Islamic doctrine, not incidentally) that eerily tracks Coughlin's warning brief, was presented to a large Army peer group before the Ft Hood attack. Hemmed in by their own No-Go-Zone-thinking, however, Hassan's Army peers did nothing to neutralize the threat Hassan so obviously presented.

The incredible and untenable fact is, bucking the Islamic apologetics of Muslim outreach -- a program of subversion guided and executed by groups such as CAIR known to be associated with the Muslim Brotherhood --  is a US government no-no. MB penetration is that deep. 

We have now arrived at a new landmark in this sorry history. Patrick Poole, also a Team B II colleague, is now publishing an important series of articles at Pajamas Media revealing the impact of Islamic apologetics via "outreach" on Justice Department terrorism cases. Poole writes:

Last Thursday, I reported here exclusively at PJM on a DOJ memo dated March 31, 2010, from Assistant Attorney General David Kris to Acting Deputy Attorney General Gary Grindler. The memo effectively ended the prosecution of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) co-founder and Chairman Emeritus Omar Ahmad — in addition to the prosecution of other prominent American Muslim leaders — for helping support the Hamas terrorist organization. This decision, according to my source, was not made based on the overwhelming evidence that had been compiled over the past decade by the U.S. attorney’s office in Dallas, but was made due to potential political embarrassment for the Obama administration and out of fear of inflaming the American Muslim community.

While the context is different, it's important to note that it is precisely the same fear of embarassment and inflaming the American Muslim community (and harming their own careers) that rendered the Army community incapable of dealing with Nidal Hassan before he launched his jihad at Ft. Hood. We see this same strange form of emotional blackmail across the board: Our "leaders" are trading our national security for applause and approval from MB-linked pressure groups.

Today, Poole opens up his report to take in the systemic failures at Justice. Drawing on six hours of interviews with an anonymous senior Justice source, Poole explains how “Muslim outreach” to terror-tied Islamic groups has directly interfered with ongoing terrorism investigations.

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