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Jul 6

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, July 06, 2011 4:22 AM 

Ever get the feeling something else just might be happening in our world beside a certain 24/7-cable-covered murder trial? John Work isn't fooled. Today, at his blog, he notes a few little incidents that our news-challenged media remain permanently blinkered to:

1)  Barack Obama interceded on behalf of a convicted Mexican rapist-murderer to prevent his execution in Texas.

2)  In Peoria, Illinois, a mob of hundreds launched rocks, bottles and mortar-like exploding fireworks at police and firefighters who responded to a dumpster fire.

3) The forgery of Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate remains uninvestigated, despite a growing pile of supporting expert opinions and a formal criminal complaint that has been filed with the FBI. 

4)  America’s military involvement in Libya, in clear violation of the 1973 War Powers Act, goes on without a voice being raised in Congress.

5)  The Obama Administration is openly reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood, which makes no secret of its aim to destroy the United States and impose Shariah (Muslim law) in place of the Constitution.

6)  American taxpayers were bilked out of 666 billion dollars, a cost of $278,000.00 per job, by the Obama stimulus plan.

7)  Disintegrating relations with American “ally” Pakistan have forced the military to turn to alternate (read that:  more expensive) supply lines to continue the Counter-Insurgency (COIN) (read that: the delusional win Muslims’ hearts and minds by giving them lots of American cash strategy) war in Afghanistan.

8)  A U.S. Congressional delegation was kicked out if Iraq for suggesting that the newest Shiite Muslim state should reimburse the United States for the costs of the war there.

9)  Prosecutions of American servicemen who have returned from the war in the Middle East continued, the victims of being put into an impossible situation with no clear mission, and left as sitting ducks for jihadists who pick them off one by one.

10)  The denial of Islam’s doctrines in the perpetration of killing Americans on our military bases and on our own streets goes on.


John concludes:

But we sure got our gut full of Casey Anthony, didn’t we. So, I ask you, what is going on here?  And I will answer the question:  The entire Casey Anthony production, complete with its inane theme music, is a diversion to focus the American public away from the really important issues that should be front-page news items.

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