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Mar 9

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, March 09, 2008 8:06 PM 

Reader-mail is one of the perks of writing a column, an admittedly solitary activity. Sometimes, it starts a conversation that, in rare cases, can go on for years; even when that doesn't happen, it offers valuable feedback, good and bad. That is, usually, letters agree or disagree. Once in a very great while, however, a letter comes in to say that a column has changed someone's thinking--which is a big moment for the columnist. Here is such a letter that came in after someone read this week's column , "Whose Side Is Iraq Really On?"

I have long been a defending conservative of why we fight and die in Iraq....  Your comments are very compelling and seem to have created some re-thinking on my part as to why we help people who go out of their way to show how ungrateful they are to those who share their blood so that they can be free....

It is not enough, as the Democrats argue, to withdraw from Iraq, end of story. If we determined, as I believe, that Islamic democratization is not the solution to the jihad problem, we have a whole new strategy to devise. It starts with this question: How does the West protect itself both  from jihad terrorism and, more important, Islamization? Keep re-thinking.  







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