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Mar 11

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, March 11, 2008 12:15 PM 

I thought this story about British troops in Afghanistan building a mosque was pretty bad--as in, ask yourself what the chances are that the imam-to-be of the mosque-to-be won't exhort congregants to protest Danish cartoons and take other anti-West actions--but now it turns out, American taxpayer dollars are helping to build a nuclear reactor ... in Iran. No kidding. (Dunno how I missed this one the first time around.)

What did Lenin say about rope? Now, it's nuclear material--only we're giving it to them this time! Such  stories all fit with this week's column about the fallacy about basing our foreign policy on "allies" who are not allies--whether it is Iraq cosying up to Iran, US-military-hosting-Qatar funding Hamas, US-supported Fatah dubbing  the seminary jihadist a "martyr" .... The list goes on. And so does our gullibility. 




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