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Oct 21

Written by: Diana West
Friday, October 21, 2011 5:40 AM 

Readers know I often cite the excellent reporting of John Rosenthal, an American journalist based in Europe, on the events of the noxiously branded "Arab Spring," particularly regarding Egypt and Libya. Today, in response to my post on the killing of Qaddafi, John writes:

Thanks, Diana, also for the Lawrence Auster link. To be honest, Qaddafi’s death doesn’t just leave me cold. It leaves me feeling sick to my stomach. And I think I will be feeling sick for many days to come.

As Lawrence Auster correctly says, we killed him. There is no way that the erstwhile “rebels” would have ever defeated him or captured him without our hellfire missiles and the French Mirages. Actually, they probably could have done without the Mirages. Despite all of Sarkozy’s preening, it was American military might that brought down Qaddafi and handed him over to the lynch mob that killed him. I don’t know if you have seen this video yet. If not, take a deep breath before you do. If Americans are not revolted by such behavior, then we have ourselves descended into total barbarism.

There is one further point re. Qaddafi’s relationship with the United States – my apologies if I’ve mentioned this before and I’m repeating myself. Actually, there are reasons to doubt Libyan responsibility for both the Berlin disco bombing and the Lockerbie bombing.

Re. the Berlin disco bombing, I think most Americans don’t realize that the bomber was in fact German. She was tried and convicted. She had been married to a Palestinian guy who is alleged to have had contacts with Libyan intelligence – though she was no longer even married to him at the time that she planted the bomb.

Re Lockerbie, the evidence for Megrahi’s – and by extension, Libyan – involvement is extremely circumstantial. One of the UN’s own official observers of the Scottish trial, Hans Köchler, has denounced the proceedings as a miscarriage of justice. (See here for related documents.) There is again a German connection – the suitcase containing the bomb was loaded onto a flight originating in Frankfurt – and it even appears that German authorities quashed leads that pointed elsewhere: namely, to Palestinian terrorists. See here, for instance. If one connects all the dots, it certainly seems plausible that Libya and Qaddafi were used as scapegoats and that “Uncle Sucker,” as you say, fell for it.



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