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Nov 4

Written by: Diana West
Friday, November 04, 2011 4:12 AM 


Scott “Boots” Harper of Douglasville is remembered by friends and family for his smile, his warmth and his love for his friends.

The U.S. Marine was 21 when he was killed in Afghanistan on Oct. 13. His father, Brian Harper of Carrollton, heard from a fellow soldier’s father the story of how he died.

An Afghani translator or guide led a squad of 13 Marines into a village.

“He led them right into an ambush,” Harper said.

One Marine was shot in the chest and arm and fell to the ground.

“Scott ran into the gunfire to try to get this guy out of harm’s way,” Harper said. “In doing that, he was shot and killed. He gave his life to save his friend.”

All the other Marines survived, Harper said.

“The rest of Scott’s squad killed all of the bad guys,” Harper said.

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