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Nov 9

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, November 09, 2011 5:55 AM 

As the USA feeds on a sexual-harassment frenzy involving Herman Cain, women and the men who love them should pay special attention to the invaluable blog Vlad Tepes where a couple of vital instructional videos are posted today.

One is a harrowing half-hour report on "gang grooming" in Britain (I'm still shaking). This apparently decade-old, predominantly Pakistani practice of "grooming" very young, predominantly native British girls as sexual props for personal and business (prostitutional) use has now reached epidemic proportions. (The narrative attempts to portray the EDL and the BNP as villains for speaking out about the predominantly Pakistani identity of the rapists and criminals involved, but knots itself up in its own frustration with governmental silence on the perps' ethnicity.) 

The second is a brief report about a Serbian spa town of 6,000 on the banks of the Drijna River, which, since May, I believe, has become host to 2,500 Muslim "asylum"-seekers from Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere. A brutal gang rape of a British woman last month by a group of Afghan men has now brought the townspeople to state of protest in which they are now refusing to send their children to school until matters are addressed.

What's instructional about these videos? By showing what happens when Islam burgeons inside Western societies, they teach that survival of these Western societies depends, for essential starters, on halting Islamic immigration. We have enough criminality and psychosis of our own without importing large, undigestible swaths of a violently misogynistic culture.



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