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Mar 13

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, March 13, 2008 4:41 PM 

...over what the Dutch media, government and industry are doing to Geert Wilders, it's time to act. No, not riot, burn Dutch flags, or call for beheadings--that's the m.o. of the Religion of Peace. On reading in The Brussels Journal that the Dutch are trying to muscle Wilders out of public existence by not providing him with adequate security and possibly even suing him for Dutch industry losses in the Muslim world (!), I was moved to declare my own personal boycott of Unilver products, an Anglo-Dutch company with a particulatly loathesome director named Doekle Terpstra. “Geert Wilders is evil, and evil has to be stopped,” Terpstra (henceforth known as Twerpstra) said. The Unilever director, anticipating a worldwide Muslim boycott of Unilever products, has called upon the Dutch to “rise in order to stop Wilders from preaching his evil message.” They  are listening all too well.

As a result, I hereby call on readers to rise in order to stop Twerpstra from inaugurating the era of sharia-style censorship. You can start by sending Unilever an email.

On visiting the Unilever website, I couldn't believe how many products will no longer find their way into my shopping cart. Here is a complete list:

All, Axe, Ben and Jerry’s, Bertoli, Breyers, Caress, Degree, Good Humor, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, Best Foods, Brooke Bond, Colman’s, Cif, Dove, Glidat Strauss, Heartbrand, Hellmann’s, Imperial Margarine, Knorr, Lipton, Lawry's, Lever 2000, Lipton, Lipton Sides, Slimfast, Snuggle, Suave, Wish Bone, Wisk, Ponds, Popsicle, Promise, Q-Tips, Ragu, Country Crock, Skippy, Pepsodent, Sunsilk, Unox, Vaseline.

Up with the rebels.

UPDATE: Atlas Shrugs was already up with the rebels (i.e., boycotting Unilver) back on December 9. Clearly, great minds think.







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