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Feb 20

Written by: Diana West
Monday, February 20, 2012 3:06 AM 

John L. Work, a retired detective and writer and good friend who blogs here, and often about the threat Islam poses to Western-style liberty, has taken jihad to the next level -- the thriller novel. In "A Summons to Perdition," which is a Kindle Original available at Amazon, John taps his hero, J.D. Welch -- coincidentally also a retired detective and veteran of two previous detective novels (available as Kindle Originals) -- for one final case in this series. HIs mission is to help find a missing college freshman who has disappeared with her Egyptian lover -- one of a seven-member jihad cell that has been activated to kill Americans. 

Congratulations to John. I know this book in particular is more than an excursion into story-telling; it is also a labor of love of country -- an innovative effort to convey the careful research into jihad and dhimmitude and sharia that John has undertaken to wake up America. Check it out and pass it around. I look forward to reading it. 


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