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Feb 23

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, February 23, 2012 8:52 AM 

From today's NYT:

The fury does not appear likely to abate soon. Members of Parliament called on Afghans to take up arms against the American military, and Western officials said they feared that conservative mullahs might incite more violence at the weekly Friday Prayer, when a large number of people worship at mosques.

“Americans are invaders, and jihad against Americans is an obligation,” said Abdul Sattar Khawasi, a member of Parliament from the Ghorband district in Parwan Province, where at least four demonstrators were killed in confrontations with the police on Wednesday.

Standing with about 20 other members of Parliament, Mr. Khawasi called on mullahs and religious leaders “to urge the people from the pulpit to wage jihad against Americans.”

Has anyone in Washington, or on the campaign hustings, or anywhere else in the USA  noticied that, not only the Taliban, but also 20 members of the Afghan parliament are exhorting Afghans to wage jihad against Uncle Sam?

There is nothing, nada, zip to win in Afghanistan and we should leave ASAP, destroying or neutralizing whatever is necessary to degrade global terror networks on our way out of the region.  

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