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Mar 4

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, March 04, 2012 2:32 PM 

Sara Carter of the Washington Examiner reports on stirrings of responsibility in Congress (via VFR):

Since 2007, roughly 70 American troops have been killed by Afghan Security Forces in what is described by the U.S. military as ‘Green on Blue attacks.’

[Rep. Frank] Wolf said he is concerned with the growing danger faced by U.S. troops as the drawdown is underway, and called for a Congressional study of the problem. “We owe the men and women who are serving, to those who have given their lives. We need a fresh set of eyes on the
situation,” he said.

It's about time.

Several U.S. soldiers serving in Afghanistan told the Examiner that the true number of attacks on Americans by their presumed Afghan allies was drastically underreported. Numerous incidents of Afghan forces firing on NATO troops have just been ignored, “particularly if no one was injured,” said one U.S. Army official serving in eastern Afghanistan.

“We just never know if there’s a Taliban sympathizer among the Afghan Army troops or within the security forces,” the Army official added. “We remain very aware that at any time we may have an enemy among us with direct access to our troops inside the wire.”

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