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Mar 15

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, March 15, 2012 5:45 PM 

From CBN via Vlad.

If you watch this video, be sure the razor blades  are locked away. It's that bad. Of course, with or without razor blades the West is committing suicide. Must it? Must we? Is there no choice but the ruin, the loss, the extinction of indigenous European cultures amid the demographic onslaught of totalitarian Islam? Submit and die seems to be the postmodern prognosis. Survival itself has become an offense, an affront, a dirty word. Hence the failure of Western societies even to attempt to control their borders and halt all further Islamic immigration as a minimal safeguard of democratically protected liberty. But such an Islam-prohibitve immigration policy ia a must. So, too, is energy independence -- another achievable goal fecklessly ignored by every US president since Nixon. So, too, is outlawing sharia as a source of Western law. So, too, is rejecting petro-dollars and sharia-compliant financial practices.... The list of measures to take to prevent the Islamization of the West is almost endless -- which means there is an almost endless list of tools with which to fend off Islamization of the West.

If, that is, anyone cared to.

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