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Apr 19

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, April 19, 2012 2:19 PM 

Illustration by Pat Crowley


Today, I am posting a contribution from a longtime email correspondent, George W. Ford, who opens with a simple, vital question:

Will we ever read in the  media -- even in the conservative media -- that President Obama is a fraud? 

Will we ever read an article that opens, for example: "In  2008, we elected a man who turned out to be a fraud.  Barack Obama deliberately misled the country about his origins, implying that he was eligible to hold the office of the Presidency." 

The Webster's definitions of fraud include: intentional deception to cause a person to give up ... some lawful right; something said or done to deceive; or, colloquially, a person who deceives or is not what he pretends to be.  

President Obama is a fraud, not "may be" a fraud.  But media, elected officials, and, worst of all, conservatives avoid drawing this conclusion, or even acknowledging the holes in the Obama biographical record.  .

One reason often cited for avoiding this characterization is that the "birther" issue is a political loser. It brings too much heat, and too little gain. The time to address this issue has come and gone, it is said.  Barack Obama must be defeated "politically" and "on the issues."  Conservatism must be allowed to go head to head with liberal-leftism.

So, to advance the effort to vote the President out of office in November, conservative opinion leaders avoid the birth certificate issue and other related biographical deceptions by the President.  Discussion of the issue is forbidden so that the GOP can take back the White House.  The truth is sacrificed to a higher goal.

After years of court battles to hide his birth certificate, a lawyer for the President flew to Hawaii last April to pick up two certified copies of the long-form birth certificate, and bring them back to the White House so that the President could announce on TV that Donald Trump and Jerome Corsi were blowing smoke.  A PDF copy was posted on a government website as authentic, as attested to by the President.

GOP leaders and almost every conservative writer went silent, with scant critical examination of the suspicious timing of this PR stunt, coming as it did just after Trump had tied Huckabee in the polls, and Corsi's book Where's the Birth Certificate? had gone to #1 on Amazon.  Not only did the President's opposition party ignore the significance of this pattern of events, but there were no calls to view the original birth certificate, or at least to have the opportunity to analyze forensically a scan of an original.

Threats of astroturf boycotts, actual astroturf boycotts, FCC investigations, being driven off the air -- these are at minimum menacing and at full sail can inflict real damage.  Still, the truth remains.  At some point, this story will come out, to the embarrassment of the nation -- but especially the Right.

The core of this embarrassment will be the failure to state clearly and repeat tenaciously the nature of the fraud.  Intentional misrepresentation is the basis of fraud.   By hiding his records, President Obama has concealed what any President must reveal.  These acts of non-disclosure were intended to induce people to vote for him.  This was a false representation, designed to deceive voters.  The President chose to pursue a dishonest strategy, passed off as something genuine.

That makes the President of the United States a trickster, a pretender, a cheat, and an impostor. But what does it make the rest of us?  Our shared acquiescence in this hoax by Republican and Democratic politicians and news organizations represents a startlingly clear case of a near complete collapse of the principle that binds our country together: respect for the law.

The top figures at CBS News went after George W. Bush in 2000 -- with forged documents.  The forgery was exposed, and the top figures paid the price.  So it isn't as if we have lost the ability to discern between the truth and a lie.  But conservatives are paralyzed by political correctness on Barack Obama's eligibility issue, and defend their inaction with the argument of political expediency.  That is a harsh judgment, particularly given that the political right preaches that leftist-liberalism is one big lie abetted by the PC police.

David Horowitz makes the case that 64 million people voted for Obama in 2008, and this national act of political participation alone trumps everything about missing documents, and makes it senseless or worse to invalidate these votes.  This is a good point.  But the election is not the end of the story.  President Obama needs credibility once he gets into office. That's why the truth is so important.

Barack Obama had writing credit for two books before he turned 47. Both were about him. Why would someone who has so much to hide write books about himself?  Given all that Jack Cashill, Corsi and others have revealed about the fabricated events of Obama's life, the question answers itself. Obama goes through life wearing a disguise. It's time to take off his mask.

George W. Ford is a marketing strategist with extensive experience in Southeast Asia.

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