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Mar 20

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, March 20, 2008 6:04 AM 

Gates of Vienna reports on the crashingly disappointing transformation of Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen from free-speech champion (he stood up to Muslim diplomatic and economic pressure during Cartoon Rage 2006 and beyond) to PC automaton, now mouthing the EU-correct platitudes  against Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, whose career is devoted to staving off the Islamization of Europe. 

In the course of an interview with Danish TV (G of V has video link to the English-language interview) during which Wilders expressed his concerns about the Islamization of Europe, the need to stop Islamic immigration, and his opinion that the Koran is a "fascist book," Wilders also praised Rasmussen for upholding Denmark's principles of freedom of expression.  Reuters wrote:

Wilders said the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard had received better support in the face of Muslim wrath from Rasmussen than he himself had seen from the Dutch prime minister.

“I wish we had such a prime minister in Holland,” Wilders said. “Unfortunately we have a coward that does not hold firm on the constitution’s words about freedom of expression,” he added.

Rasmussen, in turn, issued a statement saying, “I strongly condemn Geert Wilders’ condescending statements about Muslims.” According to Reuters, "Rasmussen, who angered Muslims by refusing to take action against Danish media that published the cartoons, said he wished to disassociate himself completely from Wilders’ views and rejected the Dutch lawmakers’ `attempt at associating his views to those of the Danish Government.' "

That's not what Wilders did. He applauded the Danish prime minister for protecting its citizens' freedom.

G of V writes:

A rumor is circulating in Denmark that Anders Fogh Rasmussen has ambitions for a top post in the European Union, perhaps the presidency. That might explain his sudden conversion to politically correct Orthodox Multiculturalism.




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