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May 6

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, May 06, 2012 5:11 AM 

Cheryl Bormann: Living and spreading dhimmitude


From the New York Post -- "Defense Lawyer Calls for Coverup," a cute headline that can't cover up the story's nauseating contents.

This legal eagle has made herself over into the draped defender.

In a pandering fashion choice, Washington-based lawyer Cheryl Bormann showed up in the Guantanamo Bay terror courtroom yesterday in a traditional Muslim woman’s head garb.

Bormann, 52, who is representing Yemeni terror suspect Walid bin Attash, appeared before a judge clad in a black hijab, or traditional head covering, and long black robe.

She also suggested other women in the courtroom should follow her fashion example, so bin Attash and the other male defendants can look at them without “fear of committing a sin under their faith.”

Bin Attash allegedly ran an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan and engineered the 2000 bombing of USS Cole.

Bormann, who once ran the Illinois agency that represented death-penalty defendants — said her client’s treatment at Gitmo has interfered with his ability to participate in the proceedings.

“These men have been mistreated,” she charged.

A woman who identified herself as Bormann’s former sister-in-law told The Post yesterday that, to her knowledge, the defense lawyer is not Muslim but is simply trying to be sensitive to her client’s needs.


This is not about Bormann's "sensitivity," it's about Islam's power -- Islam's laws to subjugate women, in this instance, and Islam's laws to subjugate all of us who do not follow the Islamic faith. It's about maximum dhimmitude, as readily assumed by a masochistic if educated American woman, who should have her head examined for willfully renouncing her rights as a free citizen to embrace the trappings of inferior status of a woman under Islam -- and calling on other women to do the same.

What a disgrace.


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