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Jul 27

Written by: Diana West
Friday, July 27, 2012 6:25 AM 

President Obama and Gov. Linda Lingle (R-HI) at the White House, 2009


A reader writes in about this week's syndicated column (which, as with any coverage of Sheriff Arpaio's ongoing investigation of forgery in the creation of  President Obama's online birth certificate, or the numerous ballot challenges to Obama's eligibility in the states, will be auto-spiked at, the Washington Examiner, and who knows where else):

As a conservative, I'm sympathetic to your POV, but I found your article
unconvincing.  Compare this with the fake Texas Air National Guard record
supposedly for George Bush.  That record was printed in the default font for
Microsoft Word -- a font that didn't exist at that time.  There was several
other specific aspects that were wrong.  Also, nobody really knew where it
came from.

By comparison, your article merely discusses "common practice" and data that
you don't have in your files. You don't mention what I believe is a fact,
that Obama's birth was reported in some local Hawaii newspaper. I also
recall that the Republican Governor of Hawaii vouched for Obama's birth
there some years back.

I don't know what the reader means by "data that you don't have in your files," but I would like to take on his points.

First of all, I chose to use my limited column-space this week to focus on the four-alarm stonewalling the Cold Case Posse encountered in Hawaii because it positively reeks of a cover-up of something. My reader is looking for posse evidence, which I have noted before in past columns and posts, although I haven't yet reported on the team's most recent revelations.

To take the George Bush guard records and the font that didn't exist when the records were purported to have been created: We do now, in fact, have a neat correlation of time-warpedness in the Obama birth certificate investigation. The posse recently learned that the pencilled-in numbers on the document come from a federal code to record vital statistics. Two hand-written "9's," which in 1961 indicated information "not stated," appear in boxes on the Obama form that are filled with information. This is a striking anomaly. A box for "Father's Race" marked empty for record-keeping purposes shouldn't be filled with information -- and especially not with the word "African," a term for race that, the posse determined, the US government didn't use until 1989.

And about those 1961 newspaper announcements of Baby Barack's birth. At the first posse press conference back in March, lead investigator Mike Zullo announced that the posse had discovered that foreign births were announced as Hawaiian events in those same local papers. They also located a set of adopted twins whose "birth" announcements appeared when the children were a few years old. What the Obama newspaper announcements reflect is that someone registered a birth with the Hawaiian state, which, given Hawaii's bizarre but posse-documented lack of evidentiary requirements, is evidence of nothing more than that someone registered a birth with the Hawiian state.

As for his recollection of the former Republican governor vouching for the Obama birth certificate, what kind of evidence is that? (Thomas Lifson deftly explains exactly what kind here.) After all, a Republican senator has just vouched for the unquestionable security credentials of Hillary Clinton's top advisor Huma Abedin, too -- despite the fact that Abedin's closest family members inhabit a vortex of Muslim Brothers and other malign jihad movements actively attempting to bring Western civilization under Islamic dominion.

I cannot emphasize enough: Americans need to watch the Cold Case Posse press conferences for themselves to assess the evidence, and consider how it could be there is no responsible authority -- Congress -- taking up the matter at the federal level. No 1 is here. No 2 is here.

The media have abdicated their professional responsibility to report on the investigation; our duly elected officials with a sworn responsibility to uphold the Constitution have abdicated their professional responsibility to act on the evidence to date and initiate a federal investigation to ascertain the full facts of the matter, and their implications.

Now, imagine it's 1974, and Deep Throat leaked to Woodstein that there were something very fishy about Richard Nixon's birth certificate ...


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