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Mar 26

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, March 26, 2008 6:45 AM 

In The Death of the Grown-Up, I make the argument that the infantilized condition of Western culture dangerously and tragically makes the West  particularly susceptible to the self-abnegating, supplicating trappings of dhimmitude (monumentally chronicled by Bat Ye'or), which may be viewed as the ultimate phase of infantilization.

Not that one has much reason to expect Switzerland to Stand Tall, but this recent display by the Swiss foreign minister (the grinning gal ogling   Ahmadinejad) offers an illustration of what dhimmitude looks like as free nations grovel for gas before genocidal jihadists at war with Western civilization.    

More pictures here, thank to Brussels Journal--whose Paul Belien, not at all incidentally, has a terrific column in today's Washington Times linking  the European kowtow to Nazi speech controls in the 1930s to the European kowtow to Muslim speech controls today.

What a day.


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