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Aug 24

Written by: Diana West
Friday, August 24, 2012 4:32 AM 

One word for General John R. Allen's recent  explanation for the spate of Afghan murders of our men is despicable. Ramadan fasting, summer heat, and operational tempo, the general argues (is he breathing a little hard in the video below?), have driven Afghan "allies" to murder Americans in recent weeks. "The closer the relationship, the more secure, ultimately, our troops will be," he concludes. Wanna go first, general?

Having cut all moorings of logic, the top commander in Afghanistan is showing signs of madness -- or is that ideological moribundess? Either one is reason for Allen to be fired. During his Afghanistan posting, Allen has managed to scrape new lows in his supplication to Islam -- in this most recent instance, letting elementary and emphatic Islamic exhortations to kill "infidels" off the hook as the likely spur to the spate of Afghan assassinations of Americans.

This isn't to say Allen could have gotten where he is without the trailblazing downward spirals into dhimmitude of his predecessors Petraeus, McChrystal and Petraeus. Indeed, it is almost exactly three years ago since General Stanley McChrystal should have been fired over his Afghanistan assessment. The same goes for multiple reasons for Gen. Allen today.

Like his brothers-in-brass, Allen is all about ideology -- the COIN ideology. This Leftist dogma transmuted to the battlefield is founded on the Big Lie of "universalism," which takes in the absurd but also liberty-threatening belief that all cultures, all religions, all civilizations have interchangeable values and aspirations. The theory is easily disproven, but it remains a commandment of postmodern gospel. Such universalism is also, let's face it, a crucial underpinning of the anti-nationhood, anti-sovereignty strategic drive of Marx, socialism, Communism, progressivism and whatever other label we trot out to describe the collectivist engine progressively destroying liberty in the West. In the spirit (purity) of such ideology, COIN's founding myth is that the teachings of Islam are not factors in fighting a war in an Islamic land. This was made manifest, for example, in the 2009 McChrystal strategy mentioned above.

Such willful blindness has directly led to thousands of American deaths and casualties for which this command structure and its civilian leadership are to blame.

Self-stripped, then, of the essential knowledge to devise strategy, our generals execute and weaponize the globalist  theories of unversalism they have internalized, either at the Marx-subverted academies they all went to, as a means of career advancement, as a matter of's in the air they breathe. They exhale it in the most extraordinary, cringe-making rhetoric, as in this stunning, must-watch February 2012 display by Gen. Allen, which I only saw for the first time today (thanks to VFR, where a reader also helpfully provided a transcription).

For these generals, ideology uber alles. That's why they hide its flaws when they emerge in the reality of the battlefield. They excuse its unworkable fallacies and especially the resulting murders of our men  as being all our own fault -- for defending ourselves under attack, for objecting to pederasty, for drinking water during Ramadan, for a near-zero share of civilian casualties (vs. the Taiban), for spitting toward Mecca, for "mishandling"  "the holy Qu'ran," for being Christian or Jewish, for drinking tea, for exercising, for being alive. Thus, we have come to expect our military leaders to lie, apologize, crawl, and become dhimmis (the process described as it afflicts the larger culture in The Death of the Grown-Up).

The response to all of this decay and betrayal? Silence. Silence in the media, silence in the midst of a hot presidential race, silence everywhere there is only white noise.

It is the silence of the dhimmi.

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