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Sep 6

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, September 06, 2012 3:17 AM 

LTG James Terry:"The closer you are in terms of relationship and friendship with the Afghan partners, the safer you are." Ok, general. You go first.


From the Stars and Stripes:

WASHINGTON – The United States will help the Afghan government recheck the entire 352,000-member Afghan security force in the wake of an upsurge of attacks against international troops by Afghans in uniform, the No. 2 U.S. general in the country said Wednesday.

“We’re going back through, along with our partners up here at [the Afghan interior and defense ministries,] a lot of information out there to try to pull together patterns,” said Lt. Gen. James Terry, commander of ISAF Joint Command.

So far, however, the analysis hasn’t been able to fully establish where the attacks are coming from or predict what units are likely to be hit by them, he said. According to NATO figures, about 25 percent of insider attacks are carried out or facilitated by insurgents, with the rest related to personal issues or completely unexplained, Terry said.

“To say that we’ve found any one discernible pattern at this time would not be accurate,” he said. “And again, I think over time we’ll develop some of that.”

Here's one, General. All the perps are Muslims, correct? All the victims are "infidels" -- which, in Islamic thinking, by the way, includes Muslims in leagues with infidels. Can we now explore both what Islam and the Western experience with Islam tell us about that "discernable pattern"?

The Afghan Defense Ministry on Tuesday announced that hundreds of ANSF members have been detained in a probe into the insider attacks, which have killed least 45 international troops this year.

The U.S./NATO strategy in Afghanistan rests on close partnering between international advisors and Afghan troops as the clock ticks toward the removal of most foreign forces by the end of 2014. Terry said building tighter cross-cultural bonds between individuals may be key to preventing more U.S. troops from being killed by supposed partners.

“The closer you are in terms of relationship and friendship with the Afghan partners, the safer you are,” he said. But he admitted, “That’s counterintuitive.”

Unless those "tighter bonds" the general has in mind include conversion to Christianity -- which they, of course, don't! -- what the general says is untenable. It's also nuts. Indeed, see how many generals take up Terry's advice and invite these "Afghan partners" into their sleeping quarters.


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