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Dec 28

Written by: Diana West
Friday, December 28, 2012 8:53 AM 

If it's all a bit much -- and it is -- some light diversion is in order. I discovered a "new" Road movie last night -- new to me, anyway. As a lifelong fan of Hope and Crosby Road pictures -- Road to Zanzibar, Road to Morocco, Road to Uptopia, Road to Rio are all often-seen favorites, featuring the excellent pop songs of Burke and Van Heusen --  I finally took a look at Road to Bali, having always avoided it as an entry past the series' prime (like Road to Hong Kong) made when the stars (Hope, Crosby and Dorothy Lamour) were past their prime, too.

I was wrong. It's the end of the spool, but still great fun. Light as air (hokey jokes and all), it is well worth watching -- especially if you've already seen Zanzibar, Morocco, Utopia and Rio fifty times.

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