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Jan 5

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, January 05, 2013 7:26 AM 

is a new weekly newspaper, for which, as some readers know, I am Washington correspondent. Our motto, from Thomas Jefferson, is "Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost." Co-edited by Lars Hedegaard of Denmark and Ingrid Carlqvist of Sweden, veteran journalists of note in Europe and determined free-speech-warriors, the paper now appears in three languages: English, Danish and Swedish.

But powerful forces with deep pockets are trying to destroy Dispatch International even as we try to set up shop in the Public Square. Small as we are at this early date, we have come under intense and sustained and no doubt expensive hacker attack to deny us a place on the web. Such attacks have happened before, during our run-up to regular publication, as noted most recently last month here. Now, with the new year, the attacks have begun again. Someone -- some people, some groups, some extremely repressive forces -- don't want us to publish our news and analysis. Why? Are Dispatch stories blasphemous? Non-Establishment? Challenging to the "official narrative"? Without a doubt -- at least so far as those arbiters of "blasphemy," keepers of  "establlshment" doctrine, and creators or official narrative are concerned. We are simply trying to report what's happening in a PC world, sans PC. Obviously, this frightens the PC-masters.

This means we are doing something that is not only right but also very potent: earth-shaking, even; threatening to the prevailing controls and self-controls on speech and debate in the so-called Free World. After all, imagine what citizens empowered with facts and stimulated by heterodox analysis might do. Even in their last gasps, they might reject "blasphemy," vote out the Establishment, and debunk the official narrative.

No wonder we're under attack. If you would care to strike a blow with us as we battle this barbaric totalitarianism, subscribe to Dispatch International today. Send an email expressing your interest in a subscription to subscribe@d-intl.com, and someone will be in touch with you soon with rates and terms. 


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