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Feb 8

Written by: Diana West
Friday, February 08, 2013 11:31 AM 

Geert Wilders in Bonn, February 2, 2013. Video via Vlad Tepes.

In this address, Geert reveals that a German publisher translated Geert's excellent Regenery book Marked for Death (2012) into German only to learn from the firm's lawyers that the publisher would face criminal prosecution for bringing Geert's book out in Germany as written.

Such is the repressive nature of German law under the influence of the twin totalitarianisms, Marx and Islam.

Geert rejected the proposed compromises with the facts and his beliefs. These, Geert said, included:

"For example, when in the English edition I criticize Islam and say truthfully `Islam,' the German edition can only read "Islamism," or "orthodox Islam," or "sharia-Islam," or whatever may be the case.

"Whenever I make the case that no more mosques should be built in Germany or Holland, I am only allowed to say: The construction of new mosques should be accompanied with great skepticism." ...

He continued:

"I am convinced there is only one Islam and the so-called `radical Islam" is a pleonasm and is nothing other than the real, authentic Islam since it is in complete accordance with the teachingd of Mohammed and the Koran.

"I reject the censorship of my views on this matter."

But that's not why Geert Wilders, who is about the nicest guy in the world, is Marked for Death. The reason is the rest of West allows him and a few Scandanavian senior citizens to risk their lives trying to preserve our most basic liberties. There is simply no safety is sparse numbers.

What was it that the idiotic AP report said about "claims" that freedom of speech is under threat from Islam again?


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