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Apr 17

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 2:58 AM 

Who did it? We still don't know. Our one "person of interest" has been downgraded, like a weakening storm, to "witness." End of Saudi story?

Today, former Muslim Brother turned "peace activist" Walid Shoebat provides familial, or, rather, clan context to explain why "person of interest"-turned-"witness" Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi is at least such a potentially interesting witness.

The witness's clan, Al-Harbi, makes a prominent showing in the annals of Saudi jihad. Shoebat, co-author with Ben Barrack of The Case for Islamophobia,  also explains what  clannishness in Saudi Arabia means.

Many from Al-Harbi’s clan are steeped in terrorism and are members of Al-Qaeda. Out of a list of 85 terrorists listed by the Saudi government shows several of Al-Harbi clan to have been active fighters in Al-Qaeda:

#15 Badr Saud Uwaid Al-Awufi Al-Harbi
#73 Muhammad Atiq Uwaid Al-Awufi Al-Harbi
#26 Khalid Salim Uwaid Al-Lahibi Al-Harbi
#29 Raed Abdullah Salem Al-Thahiri Al-Harbi
#43 Abdullah Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al-Harbi (leader)
#60 Fayez Ghuneim Humeid Al-Hijri Al-Harbi


Then you have Al-Harbi clan members in Gitmo:

Salim Salman Awadallah Al-Sai’di Al-Harbi
Majid Abdullah Hussein Al-Harbi
Muhammad Abdullah Saqr Al-Alawi Al-Harbi
Ghanem Abdul Rahman Ghanem Al-Harbi
Muhammad Atiq Uwaid Al-Awfi Al-Harbi


Read the whole piece here and ask yourself why issuing thousands of student visas to Saudis, and expediting Saudi travel amounts doesn't amount to a cavernous national security breach. 

At, the pseudonymous Reza Khalili reviews a recent threat from Iranian military brass to the effect that the US and Europe, for supporting "rebel" forces in Syria, will be facing bombings similar to those in Syria; also Khalili's own earlier reporting that Iranian Quds Forces have infiltrated the US.

Khalili, who served in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and as a spy for the US (as told in his Simon & Schuster book A Time to Betray), writes:

Although it is not known yet who is responsible for Monday’s heinous bombings at the Boston Marathon that killed three and injured more than 100 people, a source within Iranian intelligence services told WND the Islamic regime was behind them and to look for trails through Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. ...

A senior commander of the Islamic regime had warned less than two months ago that terrorism was coming to America.

“If the people of America and Europe do not confront the aggressive policies of their governments, they cannot then remain far from the possible future events (terror attacks),” the regime’s armed forces deputy chief of staff, Brig. Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, said in a Feb. 23 interview with Fars News Agency, a media outlet run by the Revolutionary Guards. “Al-Qaida groups and other services which operate for the interests of America (in Syria) will soon change the region of their operations and thereafter create new problems for America and Europe.”

Jazayeri, objecting to U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war, warned that explosions similar to those in Syria would take place in other countries.

With information from a source in the supreme leader’s office, WND reported exclusively on Dec. 11, 2012, that a team of Quds Force terrorist leaders had infiltrated the United States to attack from within in 2013. The source said the team is to create instability in America through terrorism should the U.S. fail to accept the regime’s illicit nuclear program or increase sanctions, confront Iran militarily or intervene in the Syrian civil war.

In a WND exclusive report on Feb. 28, the source said that a six-member team, including an explosives specialist, was to join 10 Quds Force commanders who already have a cell of 50 terrorists in the U.S. The source added that Iran is working with al-Qaida factions because al-Qaida attacks would not leave behind a link to Tehran.

The source for today’s information blamed the Islamic regime for the Boston attack and pointed to the collaboration of the regime’s Quds Forces with Hezbollah and elements of al-Qaida with links to individuals in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. He said that under Quds Force guidance, Hezbollah recruited Sunni terrorists allied with al-Qaida factions in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, who then entered the U.S. for terrorist activities ... [the rest is here].

Easy as pie. The Great Satan is such a pushover.

Don't worry, though. President Obama is intent on getting to the bottom of "why" they did this -- and soon more cameras and more checkpoints and more dogs and more security cordons will be everywhere ... keeping us "safe."

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