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Apr 8

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, April 08, 2008 5:28 AM 

Cruising the 'net for a Fitna Round-Up (to come), Google turned up the following report from the The Borneo Bulletin--"Your Gateway to Borneo," in case you were wondering. The story, which is headlined with a command, not a title: "Strictly follow halal guidelines"--concerns the ribbon-cutting ceremony that this week opened the very first Chicken King fast food franchise restaurant in Wisma Yakin Kampong Pandan, Kuala Belait. (Anyone who finds it on a map gets free fries with their Chicken Steak Burger, which the article describes as "the signature dish in Malaysia" .... Who knew?)

And what does halal fast food have to do with Fitna?

Belait Chief Religious Officer Pg Hj Yunos bin Pg Hj Mohd Salleh, who was the guest of honour at the opening ... said:

 "Restaurant owners encompass business licence holders, operations managers, as well as staff, waiters and waitresses. They play an important role in enforcing the country's regulations and guidelines. The public, too, need to cooperate in jointly dealing with dishonesty, misrepresentation and deriving profit through selfish motives to the extent of disregarding religious sensitivities of the country.

"This issue should be taken seriously particularly with the recent release of a controversial film, Fitna, through Internet condemning Islam. And the recent news in the country with regards to the discovery of pork enzymes in food (dumplings) served to Muslims are currently the nation's hot topics," said Pg Hj Yunos.

"Incidents like these should not occur if one truly understands and scrutinises the real teachings of Islam.

Freedom of speech, pork--all forbidden according to Islamic "teachings."

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