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Jun 7

Written by: Diana West
Friday, June 07, 2013 5:49 AM 

This is a photo of Capt. York's B-25 the day after it landed in Russia in 1942. It comes from this amazing online collection of Doolittle Raid photos.


The Daily Beast reports:

While employees of American NGOs sat in Egyptian prisons, Secretary of State John Kerry quietly waived the law that would prevent the U.S. from sending the Egyptian military $1.3 billion worth of weapons this year.

Let me flip on the Time Machine:

While crew members of Doolittle's 1942 raid on Tokyo remained "interned" by the Soviet Union, the U.S. continued without pause to supply $300 billon of "Lend Lease" weapons and other aid (including uranium) to our Communist "ally" in the Kremlin.

The historical episode is, in fact, worse given that all but one of the Americans in the Egyptian case were sentenced in absentia, and the US and USSR were officially military allies engaged in a war, but the treachery -- US-taxpayer-funded largesse to nations engaged in ideological warfare against the US and its Constitution -- is the same.

American Betrayal reveals the forgotten story of our lost raiders, whose B-25 under Capt. Edward J. York expected to refuel after an off-course landing at a Red Army Base in Vladivostok and continue on to rendez-vous with the rest of the surviving raiders in China.

Instead, York and his crew became prisoners of Stalin for the next year -- until they escaped!

American Betrayal, pp. 121-122:

As for the lost raiders, York and his crew, suffering from malnutrition and dysentery, ended up working as day laborers in South Russia, where they lived in mud huts on a diet of black bread and cabbage. Eventually, they were able to make a harrowing escape into Soviet-occupied Iran, where their ultimate path to freedom would lie through the British consulate in Mashad. This is an un- seen dark side of the “Good War,” something discarded from our recollections. To be sure, it is not hinted at in Thirty Seconds over Tokyo, the stirring 1944 movie—screenplay by Red blacklister Dalton Trumbo—based on the memoir of the April 1942 Doolittle Raid by Capt. Ted W. Lawson.

Enthralled moviegoers who watched Lawson’s crew execute the attack on Tokyo (depicted with fascinating documentary footage of the raid) and crash-land in China saw Chinese allies tend to the crew’s injuries and transport them beyond the reach of conquering Japanese forces—even as, in reality, their brother bombers lay rotting in Soviet custody; as our navy was sustaining terrible losses convoying Lend-Lease matériel to the Soviet Union through U-boat-thick North Atlantic waters; as our own army lay besieged in the Pacific, deprived of desperately needed supplies—and, don’t forget, as Jordan began compiling his curious record of Lend-Lease.

What kind of government did/does this? I think the answer is a penetrated and subverted one -- then and now.

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