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Jun 8

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, June 08, 2013 3:56 AM 

I'm taking a short break today from promoting "American Betrayal" -- an Amazon History "Hot New Release" since publication day (thanks, everyone!) -- to write about the latest stages of tyrannical development in these United States for Dispatch International. The assignment is the burgeoning Obama scandals -- IRS, Prism, whatever breaks next.

This means two things: 

One, this assignment is really no break at all from promotion of American Betrayal, because American Betrayal is a history of tyrannical development in these United States, and why we can't see it.

Two, partly because of the newspaper's mainly Euopean readership, I will be taking an explanatory step back from the tight-focus coverage and anaylsis of events to date.

Americans should, too.

Regarding the latest scandal to break -- the communications surveillance scandal -- I think something big is being overlooked in a near-sighted debate to determine whether security trumps privacy to prevent a terrorist attack. On the one hand, we have our 4th Amendment guarantees against no- probable-cause searches and seizures. On the other hand, we are told, the US government has that night-sweats-desperation, that countdown-clock-urgency to do whatever it takes to prevent a terrorist attack. That means, they say, scooping up our "meta-data" and treating them with 4th Amendment inspired kid gloves (right).

What is being overlooked? The US government is saying we need to fish from a pool of 300 million Americans to find and pre-empt the next "terrorist" -- or else. It is saying that we need to do this because there are no other predicters of "terrorism." It is saying that there are no doctrinal predicters of "terrorism." It is lying. It is lying about "terrorism" itself.

Why -- to keep us safe? Or to keep Islam safe?

Ah, Islam. This, as usual, is what we are overlooking. The US government is lying to hide the threat to liberty, to peace, that Islam poses, just as I have discovered (and explained in American Betrayal) that the US government lied to hide the threat to liberty, to peace that Communism posed during World War II.

And why was/is that? The answer is a story of infiltration, penetration and subversion. It happened before. It is happening again. 

The  long-range impact of such an assault on truth and logic is shattering. But consider the more immediate impact on the American people. The US government has become a shill for Islam in alliance with such nations as Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, just as it once served as a shill for Communism in alliance with Stalin. During World War 2, anti-Communists officials were even purged from Washington, anti-Communist materials, too. We the People were lied to then by Uncle Sam, thus ensuring the advance of Marx into society's deepest tissues. It's happening again. The lies Uncle Sam is telling us today guarantee the advance of sharia into our deepest tissues, too -- cultural, legal, political, the works.

Meanwhile, woe to anyone who brings facts to the national security table: facts about jihad, facts about sharia, facts about Mohammed, facts about dhimmitude. As up-ending contradictions to the government's Big Lies, such people, too, become enemies of the state.  

What do you wanna bet that their "meta-data," too, haven't been targeted by the behemoth?

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