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Jun 12

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 12:10 PM 

If anyone wants to know what American Betrayal is about, here are some recent conversations about the book, along with some new reviews. Earlier interviews also linked below.

On "The Tammy Bruce Show" with Debra Burlingame here.

On "The Monica Crowley Show": Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.

Q & A with David Stokes at Fair Oaks Church here

Edward Cline review for Family Security Matters here

Andrew Bostom review for PJMedia here.

Robert Stacy McCain for American Spectator here

Robert Stacy McCain report at here

Robert Stacy McCain blogs it all here

Liza Connor review for Dispatch International here.

Jeffrey Norwitz review here.

Russian propaganda agency Novosti doesn't like it here.


June 5 and earlier:

Interview with Tim Sumner at Freedom Radio is here.

Went on TruNews with Rick Wiles. Listen here.

Q & A with Ruth King at Family Security Matters is here.

Interview with Allen West (13 minutes) at Next Generation TV is here.

"Thriller" interview with Jerry Doyle (17 minutes) is here.

Daily Caller interview with Ginni Thomas (43 minutes) is here

One-hour with Frank Gaffney at Secure Freedom Radio is here.

Three hours with Brooks Agnew at X-Squared Radio is here.

That somewhat notorious interview with Ariel Cohen at CSPAN Book TV "Afterwords" is here.

And kick-off interview at Embry-Riddle with Marc Berier here.


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