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Jun 17

Written by: Diana West
Monday, June 17, 2013 7:41 AM 

A "processed" P-63 Kingcobra undergoes final inspection in June 1945 at Great Falls Army Air Base, a hub of the massive Lend-Lease supply program (photo courtesy of the Malmstrom Museum). Such processing, it can be seen, included application of the Soviet red star.


If American Betrayal tells our lost history, reading and discussing the book is a means of restoring that lost history to the American people where it beongs.

I recently had the opportunity to go on the radio on "Voices of Montana" with Aaron Flint to discuss  Lend Lease, whose WWII supply pipeline to the USSR included a key base in Great Falls, Montana. As American Betrayal explains, Lend Lease-Soviet looks very much like a rogue operation run out of the White House by FDR's top advisor Harry Hopkins for shipping not just hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aircraft and war materiel but also uranium and heavy water to the Soviet Union. This, Congress later ascertained after Maj. George Racey Jordan came forward to testify, took place during World War II, and despite the embargo placed on the export of US uranium stocks during the super-secret duration of the Manhattan Project.

What we as a people have never reckoned with is the fact that FDR's Lend Lease abetted the Soviet development of the atomic bomb, which, as Soviet archives later confirmed, gave Stalin the confidence to trigger the Korean War, which killed millions of people, including tens of thousands of Americans.

How did that happen? Read American Betrayal.

While on the show, it was especially exciting to hear from a couple of callers -- the man whose father worked in air freight out at Major Jordan's base; the "old lady" who told us about her girlfriend who worked at the base. Hadn't thought about it in years, she said.

There is a reason, which the book explores.

Listen to the show here. It starts at Minute 5:56.

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