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Jun 23

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, June 23, 2013 4:39 AM 

Whatever happened to Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi?

In a first-ever audio interview with Alharbi, Amina Choudary of The Islamic Monthly brings us up to date: 

Since the marathon stories continue to be written about him ... speculating that he was put on a terrorist list and deported. We can confirm that neither is true. Instead we found him living discreetly in Boston. ...

Listener beware. Even Janet Napolitano confirmed that Alharbi was put on a watch list. But who ever imagined he was still in the USA? According to the segment, Alharbi, who says he is "doubly injured from the explosion and the media," currently lives in a hotel, a ward of the Saudi embassy. The piece hammers at the awfulness of leaks to the media which brought Alharbi into the public eye after the Boston Marathon Massacre (subtext: it was so hard to hide him away again), and insists the evidence against him -- basically, misattributions about his Facebook pictures, according to the piece -- was phony. Interestingly enough, there is no mention of the most damning piece of evidence: the "event file" that identified Alharbi as a "3B" (red hot) terrorist threat.

Among other things, that event file tells us Alharbi was on a no-fly list, and that two officers recommended he be deported as a 3B (red hot) terrorist risk. (More here.)

Having avoided the subject altogether, the interview gives Alharbi his dramatic moment, and he takes it, asking: "Where is your document that I am a suspect, that I am a terrorist?"

Right here! The cover sheet of the Alharbi event file, first published by The Blaze, is reproduced above.

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