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Jul 12

Written by: Diana West
Friday, July 12, 2013 9:01 PM 

Edward Snowden's Twitter feed, which I wrote about earlier, is in all likelihood a fraud, so I've taken down my comments about it.

Some thoughts I am leaving up touch on my sense that Snowden's revelations against the massive and surely unconstitutional invasions of Americans' privacy by the US government amount to a public service, not treason.

Which isn't to say that treachery isn't part of the story -- against the Constitution.

As an American, I want to know the government is listening, storing, watching, boundlessly, endlessly -- and pointlessly. After all, big, bad, but see-no-Islam NSA couldn't even pick up on the Tsarnaev brothers on their jihad in Boston!

Meanwhile, the grotesque state invasions have drastically upset any sense of balance in the relationship between citizens and the state by stripping us of our protections, leaving us all naked before unchecked, unbalanced powers of a roguishly omniscient state.

Still, the Snowden story-line dominates the public airwaves. Man against the state, diplomatic dynamite, it's a dramatic narrative to lock in on, but as the Obama administration strenuously stalks him, it is the Bush and Obama administrations' post-9/11 security measures that should remain the people's focus -- the Bush and Obama administration's post-9/11 lies about security, that is.

I don't believe this security state was built to be the most effective means of stopping Islamic terrorism. If so, identifying the enemy threat doctrine, Islamic jihad, would have done that at an infinitisimal fraction of the cost and intrusiveness. It was built to control Islamic terrorism as much as it was built to control us -- a Saudi Arabian security model that still promotes Islam as a "religion of peace." The result is that the dictator-friendly mechanisms for controlling Us, the People, are all there.

What can we do about it?

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