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Aug 4

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, August 04, 2013 5:15 AM 

Mark Langfan writing at advances a plausible theory that it is not a CIA gun-running pipeline to Al Qaeda that the Obama administration is stonewalling on Benghazi, but rather an Iranian attack on a CIA gun-running pipeline to Al Qaeda instead.

Larry Johnson made a similar case last October.

Worth remembering also is Obama's selection of Thomas Pickering, an Iran apologist, to conduct the State Department's "investigation."

Langfan wonders why Obama administration is gagging CIA survivors of the Benghazi attack.

Is it to cover-up the fact that Obama was running guns to the Syrian rebels? Why do that? Both the then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and then-CIA Director Petraeus were openly advocating arming the Syrian rebels.

Is it such a big deal that the United States was secretly arming enemies of Iran's puppet Assad through our NATO-ally, Turkey? No it isn't.

Is the the fact that some of the US weapons may have accidentally fallen into al Qaeda's hands that terrible?  No.  Not at all.

The reason Obama doesn't want the truth of the Benghazi-to-Syrian Rebels gun-running operation to come out is that all of a sudden the "al Qaeda attacked Benghazi" narrative doesn't make any sense.  For, why on earth would al Qaeda attack a gun-running operation to the Syria rebels when the Syria rebels themselves are al Qaeda?  Al Qaeda wouldn't be attacking their own al Qaeda weapons pipeline.

So, Obama's real fear is not that he ran guns to al Qaeda, but that if this were known, al Qaeda would be removed as the possible suspect in the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three Americans.

That is the real problem, because if al Qaeda is removed as a possible suspect because it was benefitting from the gun-running, who's left as a suspect?  Who would want an American weapons pipeline to the Syrian rebels shut down?  Once al Qaeda is removed from contention, and that question is posed, there is only one answer: the Hizbullah/Iranian axis.

This may be why Obama is doing everything in the universe to shut the Benghazi investigation down.  Because the truth of the Benghazi gun-running operation immediately leads to the likely conclusion that Iran, and only Iran, had the motive to attack our Benghazi consulate and murder Ambassador Stevens.

In that case, Obama's "unprecedented" lie detector exams tazing CIA Benghazi operatives into silence is really an attempt to protect Iran from being exposed as the  likely murderer of an American Ambassador and 3 of his valiant protectors.

And that begs an even bigger questions.

Why would Obama protect Iran from being exposed as a possible suspect?

Who knows? Who even knows if these are the correct questions? 

Answer: the Obama adminstration.  

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