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Aug 17

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, August 17, 2013 5:21 AM 

Chairman Mao, murderer of 30, 40 million people at least, hangs in the homes of elites and celebrities, while Sen. Joseph McCarthy, whose investigations into the "Amerasia affair" helped reveal the complex influence operation, as M. Stanton Evans writes, that “assiduously worked to guide official and public thinking, and hence the course of U.S. policy” regarding the Far East and the loss of China to Mao's Communists, hangs in the hell of the American imagination.

Something is deeply wrong with this picture.

Call it American Betrayal.

As I can, I will be posting or linking to the many radio interviews I have been doing this week to discuss American Betrayal -- and the war on American Betrayal.

Here are a few of my most recent interviews:

On the Dan Cofall in Dallas-Fort Worth 1190 AM here.

On the air with Frank Gaffney at Secure Freedom Radio here (third segment).

On Ransom Notes Radio with John Ransom here.

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