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Aug 18

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, August 18, 2013 12:37 PM 

Over at Gates of Vienna -- valiant defenders and friends -- a Swede's comment on the war on American Betrayal  made me jump:

I am Swedish, and I have no intention of reading “American Betrayal”. But I didn’t have to read very much of the review of Mr Radosh to conclude that Ms West’s book is a very important and competent work. And it’s obvious that a book with that magnitude is not written by itself.

“How on earth can the man do that?”, is a very relevant question. Well, analyzing language has been my profession throughout many years. Before I regard the content of a text, I look for what I call “The Language of Violence” in the text and watch the methods used (The last thing is nothing new. Descartes did the same.).

A very common method is to aggressively attack a detail in a text – of course with the intention to disturb the holistic impression. In this case – Hopkins.

This rang bells. In writing (and writing) my rebuttal, I have learned that Radosh first flattens the book into one dimension, then, after cutting it into five simplistic parts, focuses obsessively on one detail to the exclusion of all others whether with the intention, certainly the effect  "to disturb the holistic impression." (And that's when he doesn't just make up anecodotes or arguments out of air.)

My point with this post is to focus on the role of Mr Radosh. All authors – except some very few of them – are very vurnerable regarding reviews when their books are published. I am sure the history of our gutters includes many brilliant poets.

Mr Radosh used all his power, knowledge, experience and contacts with one single purpose – to behead Ms West.

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