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Nov 1

Written by: Diana West
Friday, November 01, 2013 12:23 PM 

Opening his weekend column at PJMedia, Andrew C. McCarthy writes:

Life may be too short to unwind everything Ron Radosh distorts in his PJMedia blog post on Monday. ...

Uh-oh. Sound familiar?

In the course of unwinding the basic Radosh distortions of his own work, Andy writes:

I have not commented on this but, since he [Radosh] brings up the subject of civility, I am still taken aback by the tone of his review of Diana West’s American Betrayal … and I cringed upon learning that, in the midst of the nasty cross-fire that it ignited, he sent Diana a giddy email taunt when another commentator, Conrad Black, published a similarly intemperate review. To be clear, I am not talking about substantive merit here – I happen to disagree with Ron and Conrad about Diana’s book, but that is neither here nor there (I’ll have more to say about it soon). I am talking about peer-to-peer civility. Even in the context of Ron’s post about my column, the “serious and respectful” twaddle is just a set-up for branding my argument as “a child’s temper tantrum.” “Serious and respectful” starts to seem a lot like “agrees with Ron.”

Canadian poet and author David Solway has extensively addressed this same lack of civility in the long, still puzzling and demonstrably mendacious assault on American Betrayal here and here.

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