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Nov 18

Written by: Diana West
Monday, November 18, 2013 7:00 AM 

In the amazing-what-you-find-on-Youtube category, here is Soviet Foreign Minister Litvinov expressing his pleasure over FDR's decision to "normalize" relations with Stalin's terror state in November 1933. (Spot the whopper when Litvinov discusses new relations between the two "republics.")

Gates of Vienna has now kindly posted short video clips from Friday's symposium on the 80th anniversay of of this momentously infamous event. Because the Soviet Union was always an abnormal state bent on world revolution, state-engineered terror and genocide against its own citizens, our leaders seeking "normalization" would have to deceive us about such things in order to maintain (and even extend and deepen) "normal" relations. This they did and with catastrophic results, as discussed in American Betrayal.

In a post called "Mantled in Deception and Denial," GoV writes:

As mentioned here a few days ago, yesterday marked the eightieth anniversary of the recognition of the Soviet Union by the United States. In recognition of the occasion, on Friday the Center for Security Policy sponsored a panel discussion, “The Legacy of FDR’s Normalization of Relations with the USSR”, about the events of November 16, 1933, and their ramifications during World War Two and the Cold War.

Diana West, the author of American Betrayal, was one of the panelists. Below are excerpts from her presentation, in which she discusses the Soviet penetration of the Roosevelt administration, and the lasting effects that it has had on the United States for the past eighty years. She considers the most significant outcome to be the entrenchment within our political class of a culture of denial and deception, what she refers to as “the Communist Manifesto made manifest” in the USA.

The historian M. Stanton Evans followed Ms. West. Below are excerpts from his talk about the critical influence exerted at the Yalta conference in 1945 by the Soviet agent Alger Hiss, including a direct refutation of one of the principal attacks on Diana West by Conrad Black:

The entire video (1 hour 52 minutes) is well worth watching. In addition to Diana West and M. Stanton Evans, it features Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch, Maj. Stephen Coughlin of CSP, and Frank Gaffney, President of CSP.

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