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Jan 15

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, January 15, 2014 9:01 AM, a news site described to me as "Russian libertarian" (yes, you read right), has included me among 20 "important American conservatives." I tossed the site's Russian-language write-up into Google Translate to learn this recognition comes due to  American Betrayal.

It is wonderful to see how far and wide American Betrayal has already traveled -- as far as Australia, where a positive review is now the top featured article online in the January 2014 issue of Quadrant, edited by Keith Windshuttle, and now even to Russia. I recently learned that a Polish-language translation of American Betrayal will be coming out as well. Meanwhile, the same old tiny band of anti-American Betrayal extremists is still having group-conniptions in the latest issue of The New Criterion (too boring to link to).

Here is what had to say. A reader, who is a Russian translator, sent in the translation below:

5. Диана Уэст (Diana West). Самой обсуждаемой правоконсервативной книгой года стало, конечно, «Американское предательство». Уэст, известная прежде всего критикой инфантилизма поп-культуры и попустительства исламскому проникновению на Запад, опубликовала яростную (и подтверждённую многими документами) атаку на демократическую администрацию Рузвельта. Объектом разоблачения стало нежелание демократов 30-40-х противостоять коммунистическому влиянию и отстаивать американские интересы во Второй Мировой. Заодно Уэст воспела борцов с коммунизмом, от Мартина Дайса до Джо Маккарти и предупредила — нынешняя администрация повторяет ошибки 40-х, но уже по отношению к исламу. В среде умеренных республиканцев и экс-левых книга вызвала негодование. Ветераны Холодной войны и эксперты по исламу, напротив, оценили «Предательство» высоко. Но за такую оживлённую дискуссию среди консерваторов Уэст точно надо поблагодарить.

“5. The most discussed right-wing conservative book of the year was, of course, "American Betrayal."  West, best known for criticizing the infantilism of pop culture and the toleration of Islamic penetration of the West, published a furious attack (confirmed by extensive documentation) on Roosevelt’s Democrat  administration.  The target of her expose was the unwillingness of Democrats in the thirties and forties to counter Communist influence and defend American interests in the Second World War.  At the same time West sang the praises of anti-Communists, from Martin Dies to Joe McCarthy, and warned that the current administration was repeating the mistakes of the forties, but in this case regarding Islam.  The book has provoked outrage among moderate Republicans and ex-leftists.  In contrast, Cold War veterans and experts on Islam gave "Betrayal" positive reviews.  But it is for arousing such a lively debate among conservatives that West should be thanked.” 

How very nice. Here is the list.

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