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Mar 9

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, March 09, 2014 11:22 AM 

You can't. It's not possible.

Yes, Europe's Islamization is more overtly advanced -- from de jure sharia courts in England to de factos sharia courts in Germany, no-go-zones in all major cities, halal food galore, sharia speech curbs everywhere, mosque proliferation -- but the US is being Islamized, too, maybe more neatly and more quietly, but with no such vocal and passionate political opposition.

Somehow, Europe has spawned courageous politicians such as Switzerland's Oskar Freysinger, whom I had the pleasure of intereviewing at his home in the Alps several years ago, Belgium's Filip de Winter (ditto in Antwerp), The Netherlands' Geert Wilders, whom I have interviewed on several occasions, among others, but America has not. We have no one here who addresses the Islamic threat in clear, forthright terms, not even among those conservative politicians who parade before CPAC, all the while fancying themselves defenders of the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

They have been successfully conditioned not to see and not to speak about the expansion of Islam as a threat to liberty. This in itself is testament to the entrenchment of sharia, which forbids criticism of Islam. Which tells me that sharia is more widely and dociley followed in the US than in Europe.

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