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Mar 24

Written by: Diana West
Monday, March 24, 2014 12:14 PM 

Behold the statue of The Dockworker in Amsterdam (found here via here). It stands between the Portugese Synagogue and the Jewish Historical Museum on Jonas Daniel Meijerplein Square.

Of course, all eyes are drawn to the black flag of Al Qaeda, that elongated and Arabian-curled swaztika, waving beside it.

Back to the statue for a history lesson that makes the appalling symbolism apparent. Below is a screenshot from A Travel Guide to Jewish Europe. It tells us that nearly three-quarters of a century ago, during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Dutch dockworkers went on strike to protest the Nazi seizure of 400 young Dutch Jews for deportation and all but certain death. The dockworkers' strike, the guidebook tells us, was "brutally put down by the Germans." The statue commemorates this Dutch protest of yore to save Jewish citizens from the genocially anti-Semitic and supremacist Nazis.

Pause a moment to consider the Islamic ex-Mufti's alliance during World War Ii with Nazi Germany. Such anti-Semitism and supremacism is mirrored in centuries of canonical Islam, which is exemplified in its most violent form in that black flag of jihad.

Think about the popularity of Mein Kampf in Islamic countries today, and Hitler, too. Consider also the Islamic anti-Semitism that undergirds the Iranian drive for nuclear weapons, the Iranian drive to destroy Israel. The black flag of jihad, an abomination anywhere, could hardly be more offensive than here in this Dutch square.

What's going on? The short answer is a protest, but it's hard to imagine that occupation, anti-Semitism and supremacism are being protested as they were in Amsterdam on that day long ago. On the contrary, after decades in the Netherlands of Islamizing waves of Muslim immigration and Marx-inspired multiculturalism, this Amsterdam gathering last Saturday was called to oppose "racism" -- specifically, the purported "racism" of Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom (PVV), the leading Dutch opponents of Islamization and multiculturalism.

Put another way, these anti-Wilders protestors came together to ensure that Islamization, multiculturalism and, thus, also anti-Semitism and supremacism, continue to transform the Netherlands. How? By demonizing Wilders, the truth-teller about Islam -- and, not at all incidentally, one of the all-time greatest political champions of Israel in Europe. They are trying, once again, to make political opposition to Islamization and mutliculturalism anathema.

This is the suicidal impulse that dooms the Dutch culture and the wider West. For these multicultists and Islamizers, however, Dutch culture, not to mention the wider West, is long dead, and good riddance. It's that pesky Wilders and his PVV who refuse to let it die, and whose political quest to save and perpetuate the Dutch nation has enjoyed such astonishing successes. Why, if they don't act now, he just might succeed.

And so, presided over by the Labor Party mayor of Amsterdam, the mutlicultists and the Islamizers marched in the steps of Dutch heroes, under a banner that attracts the open jihadist or two within sight of the old synagogue. The following day, presided over by Liberal Party mayor of The Hague, they went to church, this time to pray against Wilders in a service broadcast live on national television -- good for the postmodern soul. Did they pray also for fellow-Christians persecuted by Muslims in the MIddle East? Or their brother-Jews in Israel encircled by jihadists? Heavens no, that might offend some of their "anti-racism" protestors....

So what accounts for this shocking and colossal state reflex against Wilders this time? Hasn't his PVV party been at the top of the Dutch polls lately, achieving new levels of popularity among the Dutch people?


Indeed, the latest assault on Geert Wilders began over brief remarks he made last Wednesday to political supporters following municipal victories in Almere (first place) and The Hague (second place).

Looking forward to critical European Parliament elections in May, in which PVV and other Eurosceptic parties are campaigning to break the vise of the EU superstate, Wilders asked:

1) Do you want more or less Brussels?

Answer from the floor: Less! Less! Less! ...

2) Do you want more or less Labor Party? 

Answer from the floor: Less! Less! Less! ...

3) Do you want more or fewer Moroccans?

Answer from the floor: Fewer! Fewer! Fewer! ...

The media, the political establishment drew a bead on Question No. 3.

Note to the American reader: For years, Geert Wilders has been calling for "less Islam" and "more freedom" in the Netherlands, in Europe, in the wider West. I've heard him say it myself. It's a staple of his stump speeches. Less Islam and more freedom, of course, does indeed mean fewer Moroccans -- Turks, Pakistanis, Kosovars, etc. Why? With these Islamic immigrant blocs comes mosques. Islamic schools -- and sharia. The more Islam, the more sharia -- and the less freedom. The less Islam there is, the more freedom there can be again.

PVV's political platform specifically outlines three steps to this procees of de-Islamization. 1) Halt Islamic immigration into the Netherlands.  2) Encourage Islamic repatriation to countries of origin. 3) Revoke the Dutch citizenship of dual-national violent criminals and deport them to their home country. The Netherlands already applies the third step to convicted dual-national terrorists. Expanding it to include criminals would likely apply to many Dutch-Moroccans because Moroccans in the Netherlands top every chart in criminality -- also welfare dependence.

Another point of context for the American audience: In major Dutch cities, non-indigenous peoples comprise one-half of the population. From city to city, over one-third of the people living in them are also non-Western -- mainly Islamic, often Moroccan. The Hague, where Wilders was speaking last week, is no different. Further, in the below-age-21 demographic, the non-indigenous demographic jumps higher still. In The Hague, for instance, the young non-indigenous population is a whopping 58 percent, with 44.8 percent being non-Western. What we are witnessing, in fact, is nothing short of population replacement. Unless this is reversed, the future of the Dutch seat of government, like that of the Netherlands' other major cities, is clearly not Dutch.

Holland's choice: A) "Fewer Moroccans," please -- or B) just drown the nation down a well and be done with it.

The multicultists and the Islamizers have chosen Plan B. Rather than live in their own storied nation, they prefer to inhabit just another interchangeable sector of the mutlicultural world, a "whole Europe" stretching ever father East and South (never mind that the home countries of these non-Western immigrants remain strictly mono-cuiltural). For their "diversity" plans to work, to erase their nation-state and its neighbors, Wilders, above all, must be neutralized as a political actor.

To that end, the headlines "reporting" Wilders recent remarks were uniformly helpful for kicking up a fake "racism" scandal.

AP: Dutch Politician Leads Anti-Moroccan Chant

Reuters: Calls for prosecution of Dutch Right-Winger after Anti-Moroccan Chant

EU Observer: Dutch Extremists in Disarray over Anti-Moroccan Chant

Reuters: Exodus from far right Dutch party continues over anti-Moroccan Chant

DutchNews.NL: Unrepentant Wilders Refuses to Apologize over Anti-Moroccan Chant

The less context the better, of course, and nary a word about the anti-Brussels "chant" and the anti-Labor Party "chant." 

Peter Martino, whose informative overview is here, reports what happened next:

Schools began to issue guidelines to instruct pupils on how to deal with Wilders. His political opponents, including Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten demanded that Wilders retract his statements or face serious political and judicial consequences. They called on those who felt "insulted" by Wilders to press criminal charges of discrimination against him. The police have facilitated such complaints by providing pre-filled "Wilders forms" and offering to come to people's homes if they intend to press criminal charges, rather than having them come to the police station, as is the normal procedure.

Offering to come to people's homes to take criminal complaints? "Pre-filled `Wilders forms'"? Except in a police state, I don't think I have ever heard of such governmental interference in the political and legal process.

Martino continues:

The aim clearly is to bog the politician Wilders down in costly court cases for weeks and months, perhaps even years, to come.

People who attended Wilders's rally have received threats and local PVV politicians supporting their party leader also had charges pressed against them. The pressure against other PVV politicians and their families has led to the departure of two of the 14 PVV parliamentarians, one of the four PVV members of the European Parliament, and several provincial and municipal councilors.

Dressed in lies masquerading as lofty principles that serve as cover for nasty police and state action, the Dutch establishment continues to war its war on Wilders. For his courageous resistance to the cultural demise of his country via Islamization and Brusselsification, the very popular Wilders must be repackaged as a monster -- literally, as the new "Hitler," the new "Goebbels," as invoked in media discourse -- and if that doesn't work, the state will gin up new litigation. Dutch officialdom could hardly be more shameless or contemptible.

Here is another picture from Saturday's Amsterdam protest.

The blood-flecked sign that the kaffiya-clad protestor is holding says: "Wilders, Dog of Israel." This is supposed to be a particularly base Islamic insult, given the filthiness (najis) Islam ascribes to "man's best friend" -- on a par with the filthiness (najis) Islam ascribes to non-Muslims.

This would be a strange sentiment to find in an "anti-racism" crowd -- if, that is, such "racism"  weren't a political hoax.

Still, this does present an interesting juxtaposition to consider: How can one be "Hitler" to the multicultists, and "Dog of Israel" to the Muslims -- so many of whom, after all, consider Hitler a great hero?

To every color in this "racism" rainbow a different bogeyman -- underscoring the sham of the Wilders assault.


To be cont'd.

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