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Jun 10

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 10:40 AM 

Fox News' Megyn Kelly recently interviewed six members of Bowe Bergdahl's platoon. In the first segment, there is a fascinating exchange (hat tip MJG) that shows an unexpected side to Bowe Bergdahl as his platoon-mates knew him. To them, the 23-year private not only expressed no criticism of America or the army in 2009. Instead, he was "frustrated" by the counterinsurgency strategy of winning hearts and minds.

From the first segment, starting around seven and half minutes in:

MK: Did he say anything to any of you guys, though, about 'I'm disiullusioned with the war effort,' `I hate the army'?

Evan Buetow, Bergdahl's former team leader: He never said to me that he hated the army. He came to me at one point and said that he was concerned and frustrated with America's, the army's, our approach to the war and what we were doing. He said he was frustrated with that.

Justin Gerleve, Bergdahl's former squad leader: He was disappointed.... He thought us going to war was we were going to go to war. You know, it was gun battles every day. The war today is not that way. You know, as he stated, Cody stated, it's all, we're trying to get hearts and minds, we're trying to get the right way to go. And he was very ... it was discouraging to him...

Cody Full, Bergdahl's former roommate during training: As soon as that Rolling Stone article came out, we were all kind of like -- what? The emails he sent to his father were completely different from what he was saying to people in the platoon about what he felt about the war.

MK: He wasn't talking about the horror of being an American...?

Cody Full: No, no, he was wanting to do more aggressive stuff and he was frustrated that we weren't allowed to do it. ...


Seems as if we're missing a few pieces of this story.

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