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Jun 16

Written by: Diana West
Monday, June 16, 2014 4:07 AM 

Blogger and author John L. Work wins the kewpie doll for Iraq analysis today. He writes:

So, lemme see if I have this straight.

Al Qaida, (Sunnis), are overthrowing Maliki's Shi'ite regime.

The Saudis (Sunnis and BHO's pals) are funding Al Qaida.

Iran (Shi'ite state) now reportedly has a green light from BHO to send troops into Iraq and fight against Al Qaida.

All the Repubs are shouting, jumping up and down and waving their arms because it's all falling apart and, sooner or later, Bush's folly will become apparent. Or will it?

The Repubs, Mark Levin and Joe Farah at WND want some by God military action, stone age bombing, to prop up Maliki.

All the Dems are saying, no help for Iraq - except.......BHO sends an aircraft carrier with man o' war escorts into the Persian Gulf.

Wait a minute!  Whose side is BHO on - Sunnis or Shi'ites?  What's he doing now with this Iran junta tap dance?  What's he up to here?  Or am I just too slow to understand all this nonsense?  What's the hell's going on?

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