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Jul 3

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, July 03, 2014 4:08 AM 

"What Would the Founders Think" has reviewed my pal John L. Work's A Summons to Perdition, calling it "both entertaining and informative."

Martin writes:

A Summons To Perdition is not a happy book.  It is, as its subtitle states, a “novel of suspense.” John Work did a lot of research in writing this book and one can only hope that the dire picture he paints about the degree to which radical Islam has infiltrated American society and government is merely Work’s construct for the purposes of making a good story.  If not, Work had best watch out for himself.

A Summons To Perdition is both entertaining and informative. It provided the author with a vehicle with which to educate his readers on the threat posed to western civilization by “the religion of peace.”

Work’s protagonist shares some of the author’s own background as a retired police detective with a deep suspicion of the Muslim religion.  Speaking through his character J.D. Welch, Work pulls no punches and backs up his opinions with references to scholarly works on jihad and historical events.  But A Summons To Perdition is not a diatribe looking for novel, it is actually a pretty good story, with a plot perhaps too believable for comfort.

The author does not hide behind his character in his introduction, but tells it like he sees it:

The tale I’ve written here is fictional, although I’ve mentioned the names of some real people and places in the narrative.  It is an ugly, violent story.  But, there’s no other way to tell it.  I’ve based it in historical fact, on my own experiences as a retired investigator of crimes, and the writings of the scholars of Islam, whom I have come to respect and admire for their intellect, courage, and forthrightness in telling the truth. By writing the truth, they have all placed themselves at great risk, because any analytical exposure of Islamic doctrine by Infidels is grounds for a death fatwa— it is a crime of blasphemy.  ...

Do the patriotic thing this Fourth of July and arm yourself with the knowledge in John L. Work's suspenseful A Summons to Perdition.

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