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Nov 7

Written by: Diana West
Friday, November 07, 2014 5:14 AM 

The following excerpt is from a harrowing report at about Christians and Yezidis who have fled for their lives to Kurdistan to escape the rampaging Islamic State in Iraq. 

It recounts the flight of Faten, a young Christian refugee who used to lived in Qaraqosh in northern Iraq

Then, just three months ago, the Islamic State – commonly called Daesh in Kurdistan – swept into Qaraqosh after decimating Mosul’s Christian community.

The invaders offered Qaraqosh’s Christians the usual three options: Convert, pay the jizya tax, or get out.

Otherwise, they would face the Islamist's sword.  

Come again? 

Convert, pay the jizya tax, or get out. Otherwise, they would face the Islamist's sword.  

This formulation is typical.

Here we have a classic description of Islamic holy war, or jihad, as it has been waged by Muslim gangs, bands and armies across centuries and continents since Islam began -- by the sword of "Islamism," according to today's de rigeur Islamic apologetics. Indeed, in the US today, in opposition to the argument that non-Islamic "extremism" drives (Islamic) violence, it is only conceiveable, only acceptable that "Islamists" wield this same sword of Islam -- not Koranically grounded, Mohammed-following, Allah-pleasing, and very definitely Islamic-paradise-bound Muslims.

Then again, maybe that makes the rapaciously violent, conquering Muslims of yore premature Islamists -- and Mohammed, the jihad model, the world's first "Islamist" and prophet of "Islamism." So the prophet of "moderate Islam" is ... ? 

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