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May 7

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, May 07, 2008 4:40 AM 

I reference the above alliance between the Free West, as represented by Winnie and FDR, and Sheer Totalitarian Evil, as represented by Butcher Stalin, as a reminder of the lengths to which political and cultural opposites--enemies, in fact--will go to defeat a common threat, in this case (for benefit of those languishing in the US school system), Nazism.

I invoke this extreme historical reality to highlight the absurdity of a recent break in the anti-jihad Internet world--the banishment of the blog Gates of Vienna from the Pajamas Media network on the PJ-principle that a war-gaming essay pondering the potentially violent, potentially "genocidal" future of Islam in Europe that appeared on GoV rendered the blog insupportable, beyond the pale, outside the bounds, a gargoyle from Hell, etc. I am not comparing PJ Media to Winnie and FDR, however, any more than I am comparing GoV, an excellent resource I frequently avail myself of, to Stalin. I am simply reminding readers of how very far serious combatants before us have gone to gain strength enough to preserve their civilization. In our time, even as our governments are increasingly disinterested in fighting the good fight--even naming the enemy--I am struck and dispirited by the emergence of a frivolous orthodoxy that makes our, frankly, meagre anti-jihad efforts all the more fractured.          

I invite readers to come up to speed on this PJM-GoV fissure for themselves here. 



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