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Dec 20

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, December 20, 2014 7:39 AM 

Speaking of normalizing relations with Communist dictatorships vs. fighting for liberation ....

Have you ever wondered why Ronald Reagan calling the Soviet Union an "evil empire" has historically caused more outrage in the West than the evil of the Soviet empire itself? Today, Geert Wilders faces even more opprobrium for honest political discourse about another collectivist, totalitarian system that threatens Western liberty -- Islam.

I believe the reason for this lies in is the mainly unknown, still hidden assault on our nation's character as chronicled in American BetrayalSomething happened inside America's institutions and halls of power that has taken this nation to its fallen, post-Constitutional state -- and that something really picked up speed about 100 years ago in Moscow. 

“All Chekists,” Lenin instructed his secret police on December 25, 1919, “have to be on the alert to shoot anyone who doesn’t turn up to work because of ‘Nikola’ [St. Nicholas’s Day].”2 Seventy-two years later, on another December 25, the USSR officially dissolved. It was 1991, and the United States could suddenly lay claim to a shotless final triumph over Lenin’s police state.  

Was it really a shotless final triumph over communism -- and its familial variants, statism, progressivism, Alinskyism, and the like? That is certainly what we are taught, but like so much of our consensus-history, it is untrue. The deep-tissus assault on liberty and the free citizen remained and remains unchecked.

Don't believe me? Ask yourself, for example, why are our college campuses outposts of Marx? Why is our public discourse conducted in the lies and pabulum of "political correctness" -- better described as Marxist-Leninist-style lexicons? Why do we find ourselves shouldering the yoke of socialized medicine? Why, time after time, do leaders in both parties betray the American people? 

Answers -- some of them, at least --  here.

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