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May 7

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, May 07, 2008 6:40 AM 



Tie on your straitjacket and read this report from about the Islamic outrage over an Illinois emergency-preparedness drill in which law enforcement agencies stormed a well-armed, jihadist "mosque" where hostages were being held.

"The use of a fake `mosque' in this type of drill sends the wrong message to law enforcement officials who may now view mainstream institutions, such as Islamic houses of worship as potential security threats," said Ahmed Rehab, executive director of CAIR's Chicago chapter.

Only "now," after this week's emergency-preparedness drill in Irving, Illinois, may law enforcement view mosques as potential security threats--not, say, after Freedom House's 2004-2005 report on the warlike rhetoric being preached and promulgated in Saudi-funded mosques across the country. (The report focused on 15 Saudi-funded prominent mosques in California, Virginia, Illinois, Texas, and Washington, DC. And why are the Saudis allowed to fund mosques across the country? Ask your congressman.)     

Meanwhile, CAIR, of course, is the Muslim Brotherhood- and Hamas-linked advocacy group Council of American Islamic Relations.

CAIR said it agrees that law enforcement officers should be trained to deal with hostage-taking as well as chemical, biological and bomb attacks.

Big of it.

"We are only questioning the wisdom of linking the American Muslim community and its institutions to such incidents," Ahmed Rehab said.

And who needs "wisdom" in a psychiatric ward? The fact is, once you get used to the straitjacket, old Ahmed starts making all sorts of sense.


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