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Apr 3

Written by: Diana West
Friday, April 03, 2015 4:32 PM 

From Gates of Vienna -- another brilliant speech by the Great Geert Wilders, this time from inside the historic Gates of Vienna where Christian armies stopped Islam's advance into Europe in1683.

[Above] is a subtitled version of the speech Mr. Wilders gave in the Hofburg on March 27, with an introduction by Heinz-Christian Strache. Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for recording this video (and taking the photo), and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

And now, the punchline. The leader of a Muslim organization in Austria is calling for the public prosecutor to investigate Wilders speech for "denigration" -- i.e., speaking honestly about Islam and urging his listeners to reject its ever-expanding dominion. 

Also from Gates of Vienna, the Austrian government broadcast report, translation courtesy JLH:

“War Against Islam”: Public Prosecutor’s Office Engaged

By Clarin Akinyosoye

During his visit to Vienna, the Netherlander Geert Wilders compared the Koran with Hitler’s Mein Kampf. A Muslim organization notified the Vienna prosecutor’s office.

The speech given last week in the Hofburg at the invitation of the FPÖ by the Dutch politician, which set forth his thoughts on the “Islamization of Europe,” will be examined by the public prosecutor. Tarafa Baghajati[1] is the head of the Austrian Muslim Initiative[2] (IMÖ) — the organization that sent the notification to the prosecutor on Tuesday.

Denigration of Religious Doctrines?

It is legitimate, said Baghajati to, to examine whether content of the speech is illegal. Specifically, it concerns the persecution paragraphs on denigration of religious doctrine and the prohibition statute. According to media reports, Wilders had maintained in his speech that Islam had declared war on Europe, and was urging people to become terrorists and that the Koran had to be forbidden.

Such speeches being given in a location with the symbolic significance of the Hofburg,[3] said Baghajati, is harmful to Austria’s reputation. The FPÖ, and especially its chief Heinz-Christian Strache, were constantly emphasizing that they are not against Islam and Muslims, but against the abuse of Islam and against extremists, said Baghajati. ...

Islam-Hatred as a Program

However, said the head of the IMÖ, the fact that the FPÖ invited a politician who makes no distinction between Islam and the abuse of Islam, and even compares the Koran with Mein Kampf, shows where the FPÖ really stands. It will be up to the prosecutor’s office to decide whether the comparison should be seen as a whitewash of Nazism.

Read the rest here.  

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