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May 11

Written by: Diana West
Monday, May 11, 2015 9:02 AM 


Founder of Arabs for Israel Nonie Darwish, who tells her fascinating story of being the ex-Muslim daughter of a celebrated Egyptian "shahid" in Now They Call Me Infidel, offers a thought-provoking insight (above) on the impact she sees Islam -- specifically Islamic terrorism -- having on Americans.

Terrorism in the Islamic world, she explains, is a tool that is used at every level of government and in the family, too, as a "legal tool" of sharia enforcement. Such terror-violence, in other words, is perfectly normal in Islamic society, and is in accord with Islamic law. People, including "moderate" Muslims, have long been desensitized to such terrorism and accept it.

However, she says:

I am noticing that America is starting to feel that terrorism is normal -- we get excited, we see the torture, the beheadings, the terrorism, and we forget about it. It is starting to become a normal thing that I would hate for America to start being desensitized, and having terrorism normalized. Because people who  start feeling normal about terrorism will end up being moderate Muslims.

I heard Nonie offer this arresting insight several months ago at CSP's Defeat Jihad Summit. Watching the media "normalize terrorism" post-Garland by proceeding on the assumption that terrorism is a part of American society made them fresh again. Today, on seeing the following CNN exchange with Fareed Zakaria, I realized I better post them.

Zakaria said:

The good news is [about expected ISIS attacks in the US], it means that you are not talking about large-scale attacks; you are talking about self-starter, entrepreneurial attacks that come out of the blue, but not the ones that take major planning, money, time ...

Good news (entrepreneurial)?

The  CNN desk anchors' response is muted.

Anchor 1:

Little bit harder to stop (garble gurgle) ...

Anchor 2:

Still have the effect of being a terrorist attack (garble gurgle) ...

But practically normal. 



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