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Jun 13

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, June 13, 2015 8:36 AM 

Some years ago, Jeff Nyquist was witness to the perfect confluence of operational illusion and under-the-table-reality. He captured the moment thus:

As a former British MP once said within my hearing; “Reagan and Thatcher saved the West from socialism.” But a former Russian GRU colonel, sitting across the table, whispered in my ear, “But America is the Marxist paradise.”

These two sentences fit the crux of American Betrayal. There is the false narrative of ideological victory in the Cold War expressed here by the British MP. To this day, the narrative plays on, distracting us from the unceasing, unrepulsed Marxist assault on America and the wider West that saw spectacular gains beginning under FDR, who was himself a champion of "convergence." Voila -- America, the Marxist paradise.

This core concept of American Betrayal may be what turned out to ignite the wrath of the disinformation trolls, whose mendacious work continues two years after the book first appeared. But perhaps their outrage (if not their tactics) is to be expected. It is their false narrative of triumph -- "court history" -- that is under fire in American Betrayal, their "party line" of understanding that the West saved itself from socialism in the long struggle with the Kremlin.

My book demonstates that this, among most other aspects of consensus-history, is non-sense.

... America is the Marxist paradise.

Two reports from paradise came through this week.

The first is from University of California, where professors are being instructed not to commit something called "microaggression" -- speech that violate the latest Marxist line.

The second example is from the wider West, Germany, where advertising in Berlin is now subject to similar totalitarian controls in order to shape a new "gender" order.

Are these features of a triumphant Free World or a Marxist "paradise"?  

Until "court history" is upended as false narrative, I suspect few will be able to recognize the difference. 

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