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Jul 18

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, July 18, 2015 9:46 AM 


Another American serviceman, U.S. Navy Petty Officer Randall Smith, has died of wounds inflicted by jihad-killer Mohammad Abdulazeez, bringing the Ramadan 2015 death toll in Tennessee to five.

America mourns.

America also despairs. No one in power, no one with authority, no one with ratings, has the honesty and courage to link the killer to his religious faith, Islam. This seemingly unbreachable wall between cause and effect, between fact and conclusion, has created psychological, political and also spiritual chaos in the land.  

In the place of reality -- or, rather, to obstruct reality -- we see yet another round of "interfaith" rituals, "hashtag" avowals (#ChattanoogaStrong), clasped hands, tears, and eyes reverentially closed against the reality that the teachings of Islam drive jihad; that the teachings of Islam reward jihad; that by-the-book Muslims believe this depraved killer who robbed us of our dear, brave men is now cavorting in the Islamic "paradise" of virgin-defilers.

Meanwhile, "motivation unknown" is the very latest from our fearless federal investigators -- no doubt still glowing green from the Ramadan-lit Empire State Building.

Speaking of Ramadan, Walid Shoebat writes that the Arabic outlet Awsat reports that Abdulazeez, according to his Facebook page, hoped to be martyred by the end of Ramadan. He was. And the White House sent out holiday greetings ....


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